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In madness

When the time comes
In madness
I will capture the firmament and lap the clouds
I'll borrow the storm
Leaving the gushing tears behind me
And I'll go.

I will not pursue balance
I will not stifle the screams
I will dance on the water
Going to the other side
Or slave
It does not matter!
I will ford the river.

When the time comes
Night butterfly
I will lay down the sweetness that has bored me by now
I will put down the runaway dress in vain
And I'll set the past on fire
To return as smooth as the earth seen from afar
And go around alone
Around the moon.

I will laugh and my laughter will not be sad
I will not fly, I will walk
I'll caress the road
I'll have a conversation all night with the pavement
I will make poetry gush out of the pebbles
Heaven will cry and I won't worry
The wind will consume my heart burned by love

When the time comes
dewless dawn
I will show myself with a darkened face
and I will bury my serene faces
I will cast shadows over my being
I will make them drip like sweet honey
point by point
kiss after kiss
to re-emerge on the surface of the river
that woman I have kept in me.

Joumana Haddad

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